Residential Rehab

Dorset Orthopaedic introduced the first civilian Residential Rehabilitation programme in the UK and since its inception, the service has developed and improved to help more and more patient’s progress, in the shortest possible time. Our experienced inter-disciplinary team of clinicians, comprising of prosthetists, orthotists and physiotherapists, use a holistic approach to provide the most up to date components, alongside specialist training in order to maximise patients mobility, independence and overall quality of life.

Resi Rehab

Residential Rehabilitation at Dorset Ortho is designed to support people on their road to recovery by giving them the tools, the self-belief and the inner strength to succeed.

What is included in the package?

Included in the package is up to five days of rehabilitation at a time, alongside the provision of a new prosthesis/orthosis, or as an independent service

Unique to you!

Each patients timetable is tailor-made to suit their individual needs, making it suitable for all levels of mobility and function. We work closely with our patients on a one-to-one basis which creates a strong patient-therapist rapport built on a foundation of trust, honesty and confidence.

Goal setting

At the beginning of each programme, our expert physiotherapists discuss your specific goals, agree and set expectations and create a clinically justified plan to ensure these are achieved.

Clinical Case Studies