The C-Brace is the first and only microprocessor-controlled leg brace that allows knee bending under weight-bearing and difficult activities involved in daily living can be performed almost naturally. The C-Brace opens up entirely new possibilities for people with its microprocessor sensor technology. Flexing under load while sitting down, navigating slopes, walking on uneven terrain, or going downstairs step over step–all this defines a new level of mobility.

For people living with leg weakness, either through stroke, partial paralysis resulting from spinal injury, or post-polio syndrome the C-Brace could be the perfect solution.

James's Story

"I'm enjoying the freedom that the C-Brace has given back to me, walking with my kids and enjoying the outdoors."

David's Story

David, a veteran, has complete paraplegia since an explosion. He talks about how his life changed as a result and tells us who gave him strength in this difficult time.

Hannah’s story

“With the C-Brace, I feel free to do all the things I did before”

Wolfgang’s Story

“I am responsible for my own destiny and for making the most of it. The C-Brace has actually made me a stronger person”