Phantom limb pain affects up to 90% of people with limb loss and is described as ongoing pain from the missing body part. It is important not to confuse phantom limb pain with phantom limb sensation. Phantom limb sensation is the feeling that the missing limb is still present. This might be a heavy feeling, an itch, an awareness of the missing limb’s position or other non-painful sensations. To help patients to manage their pain, we offer a 6 week programme with our in-house physiotherapists.

Pain Management

The overall aim of the programme is to reduce an amputee's phantom limb pain experience and improve their quality of life.

What does the programme include?

Your physiotherapist will devise a 6-week personalised pain management programme that aims to “re-train your brain” to recognise your phantom limb as part of you.

This programme features:

- Brain training using 'Graded Motor Imagery (GMI)'

- Treatment of any physical problems contributing to Phantom Pain

- Augmented reality using Neuromotus

Clinical Case Studies