What to Expect During Your Appointment

During an initial consultation at Dorset Orthopaedic you will be seen by one of our experienced orthotists.

This appointment will take approximately one hour and we will take a full medical and orthotic history. During this session, we will discuss lifestyle, hobbies and what you are wanting to achieve by using the orthosis. We will conduct an examination looking at range of movement and muscle activity and will then assess your gait and sometimes use video to record this.

We will make a variety of recommendations and discuss with you how you wish to proceed. We have a variety of sample orthoses which you will be able to try in walking both inside and outside of clinic on different surfaces.

If you decide to go ahead with one of our suggestions, we will cast or scan you during the appointment if we have time or if not we will make you a new appointment. We can usually book your fitting or delivery appointments at this time so we can arrange a date that is convenient to you.