Transradial & Transhumeral

Available for all levels of amputation our silicone covers offer solutions for both functional and electric options. Functional solutions are built to mirror the sound side, these dress arms are static with posable wire fingers. Myoelectric solutions cover a wide range of needs including a variety of different sizes and integration options.


Digits are available for any amputation level and offer a variety of fitting options. Suction fit utilises a vacuum chamber for a simple push fit solution. Ring fit for a short residual limb enables the prosthesis to be worn via a ring on the neighbouring digit. Strap fit utilises a silicone strap to suspend the silicone digit from the hand.

Partial Hands

Our custom designs offer solutions for all amputation levels, from one to five digits as well as the full hand. A wire armature makes the fingers posable and the lightweight materials minimise weight.

High Definition

This package delivers our finest level of detail, all information and colours are mixed from scratch by our highly skilled technicians to ensure that the very essence of the client’s sound side is captured, these realistic products simply blend into everyday life. For more information about Mid-Range or Single Colour please contact us.