People who have suffered a stroke, or living with a brain injury, incomplete spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or other upper motor neurological conditions, may suffer from thigh weakness or foot drop which limits their ability to walk. FES is an effective treatment method to lift the foot while you walk and avoid stumbles and falls. The device itself can be worn discreetly under clothing and help to enhance your overall quality of life.

What is FES?

FES is a technique which produces contractions in muscles by the application of small pulses of electrical stimulation to nerves that supply the muscle. Dorset Orthopaedic are clinical partners with Bioness. The Bioness L300 Go and L100 can be used above the knee to stimulate the quadriceps or hamstrings or below the knee to lift the foot or a combination of the two. The H200 is a device for the upper limb.

What to expect at your appointment.

During your appointment, a detailed history and examination would take place with one of our experienced orthotists. The system would then be set up and trialled first when sitting, then when walking, with all the parameters set.

How does FES work?

With the Bioness system, when you lift your foot, a wireless signal is transmitted to a stimulator, which in turn activates nerve pathways controlling the muscles of the lower leg. This provides a controlled lifting of your foot and toes at the right moment as you’re walking.

The cuff itself can be worn discreetly under clothing.

Treatment solutions available at Dorset Ortho

Dorset Orthopaedic are a clinical partner for the Bioness L300 Go and L100 FES systems.

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