MyCRO Band - for children experiencing plagiocephaly

Shaped With Care

Now and again a baby’s head needs some support to guide its growth due to positional head deformations such as plagiocephaly or brachycephaly. They may need a cranial remoulding orthosis (CRO) to help correct their head shape.

The MyCRO Band is an intuitively designed, lightweight CRO that’s uniquely created for each child. We use advanced scanning and precise 3D printing to make a customised orthosis that gently supports and guides cranial growth. It's comfortable for the child and it can be worn all day long. The innovative MySize Closure System™ self-adjusts as your baby’s head develops, while the open-air design ensures maximum comfort and hygiene.

How It Works

The tailor-made band applies gentle, barely-there pressure exactly where it’s needed to guide the growth of your baby’s head. This precise, tender touch helps everything take the right shape during the treatment process and can be worn up to 23 hours a day without discomfort.

Advanced Scanning

EasyScan process to capture the precise contours of your baby's head, making a comfortable experience for your baby.

Lightweight and Perfect Fit

Your baby's measurements are used to make a bespoke MyCRO Band that weighs 6 ounces (175 grams) on average. This makes the device lightweight and comfortable for your child to wear


The open air design makes for a comfortable and hygienic solution for your baby.

Develops with your child

The innovative MySize Closure System continually adapts to your child's head shape.

Easy to clean

Our unique design is easy to clean, eliminating odours. An extra liner is provide for you to take home.

Indications for Use

For use on infants from 3 to 18 months with moderate-to-severe, non-synostotic positional plagiocephaly, including infants with plagiocephalic and brachycephalic shaped heads.


Not for use on infants with pre-surgical craniosynostosis or hydrocephalus.