Limb Trauma Clinic

Are you a lawyer or case manager working with a client who has sustained a catastrophic limb injury?

Research proves that people who begin rehabilitation early achieve better clinical outcomes. Not just physically, but psychologically too, improving long term reintegration into life.

What is the Limb Trauma Clinic (LTC)?

A LTC assessment provides your client with a comprehensive strategy to support the foundation of their rehabilitation right from the outset of an injury.

We know that having an early focus on rehabilitation, following a serious limb injury, enables patients to acquire the strength, skills, and psychological strategy for preventing, or preparing, for an amputation, if that is ultimately considered the best solution.

It is a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine led multidisciplinary team (MDT) clinical assessment, ideally suited if limb salvage or amputation is being considered. The team considers all avenues in a timely manner, at one appointment.

The Consultant will advise on limb salvage options (if appropriate), as well as possible amputation level, techniques, potential post operative problems, pain management and medication.

An orthotist or a prosthetist will respectively advise about suitable orthotic and/or prosthetic interventions, along with a specialist physiotherapist who will advise and inform any associated therapy.

Together the MDT will outline their rehabilitation recommendations, to form a rehabilitation pathway for the next 12-18 months, in a joint clinical report.

Who attends the Limb Trauma Clinic?

  • Patient
  • Case Manager (ideally)
  • Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Prosthetist or Orthotist (depending upon presentation)
  • Specialist Physiotherapist

We seamlessly work alongside the existing medical professionals already involved in the individual’s care, offering access to pain consultants, surgeons and psychologists.

Where can I access the Limb Trauma Clinics?

LTC’s are held monthly on a rotational basis, across our network of nationwide clinics in:-

  • Ringwood
  • Egham
  • Amersham
  • Burton upon Trent
  • Manchester

Fully informed right from the start

The LTC enables case managers, lawyers and funders to be fully informed of the clinically recommended rehabilitation strategy that is going to give the individual the best outcome right from the outset of an injury.

Case Studies

Why not take a minute to read through some case studies of patients who have come through the process!

What are the dates and locations of the Limb Trauma Clinics in 2024?

  • April 30th - Amersham clinic
  • May 28th - Ringwood clinic
  • June 25th - Burton upon Trent clinic
  • July 30th - Egham clinic
  • August 27th - Manchester clinic
  • September 24th - Amersham clinic
  • October 29th - Ringwood clinic
  • November 26th - Burton upon Trent clinic
  • December 17th - Egham clinic

Prior to joining one of these clinical sessions, please get in touch and request a 'Patient Details Form' and provide any accompanying medical history and/or records (ideally the case manager Immediate Needs Assessment Report).