Ankle Foot Orthoses cover the foot and ankle and are designed to support weak limbs and control the position and movement at the ankle and foot. AFO's can either be rigid or hinged, allowing a degree of forward rotation. The AFO controls the position and motion of the foot, ankle and knee, compensating for weakness and rectifying deformities and are designed to combat a variety of factors including muscle weakness, joint instability and high muscle tone.

What are AFOs made from?

AFOs can be made from silicone, plastic, 3D printed or carbon fibre and can be made to a preformed size, made to measure or entirely bespoke made to a cast or scan.

Tailoring the Design of Your AFO

At Dorset Ortho, we will tailor the design of AFO to your specific needs and will take into consideration the function required, cosmesis and weight.

Adding Ankle Joints

We can include ankle joints to lift the foot and increase the amount of push off you have, making it much easier to walk on slopes and stairs compared to a solid ankle AFO