Our lower limb silicone solutions are available for all levels of amputation, individual toes, partial feet, above and below knee right through to hip disarticulations.

Each product is custom-made, sculpted by hand to mirror the volume, skin tone and characteristics of the sound side.

Our silicone solutions are offered with a variety of finishes to suit any budget, we can also incorporate bespoke tattoo designs which are skilfully applied by our silicone technicians. Our aim is to give you an individual and unique silicone cosmesis specific to your needs.

Transtibial & Transfemoral

Our silicone covers are made for use with a breadth of prosthetic components. Covers can be designed to accommodate a complete range of footwear. The water resistant properties of silicone make it perfect for use with water activity prostheses.


The Safoot is a unique combination of the SAFO and a partial foot, the design has integrated Velcro straps for easy application and a snug fit. This provides additional support for mid metatarsal and further proximal amputation levels.

Partial Foot

Silicone partial feet provide functional and cosmetic solutions within one device. Each partial foot can encompass a combination of materials with specific properties to aid comfort and mobility. These solutions are entirely bespoke and make precisely for you.

Cosmetic Restoration Covers

This revolutionary product offers a custom, one-piece solution for those looking to restore the shape of their limb as a result of atrophy or varying degrees of soft tissue loss

We also provide the EasyFit solution which is a revolutionary "off-the-shelf" cosmesis. The natural looking EasyFit is both easy to wear and clean and it is also available for children.

High Definition

This package delivers our finest level of detail, all information and colours are mixed from scratch by our highly skilled technicians to ensure that the very essence of the client’s sound side is captured, these realistic products simply blend into everyday life.


This range doesn't encompass the same level of detail that the high definition does but still includes characteristics such as hair, moles, veins and freckles and again is hand sculpted to mirror the patient's sound side. Our Single Colour range provides a custom finish at a highly competitive price, it includes coloured nails to enhance the overall appearance.