Test Sockets

By manufacturing a test socket for a client we often find we can create a more comfortable socket fit. These test sockets allow us to see accurately how a socket is fitting as we can see within this clear socket, eliminating any guesswork.

The plastic material of a test socket is more mouldable and adjustable thus helping to prevent excess expenditure on definitive sockets during a change in prescription, or during the acute phase of shrinking of a residual limb.

Flexible Inner Liners & Soft Foam

There are several different materials available to us here at Dorset Orthopaedic that your clinicians may suggest to create a comfortable socket interface. We offer soft foam or flexible inner sockets to improve protection for a residual limb and also to improve the edge of a socket trim-line, these enable us to optimise the hard supporting socket and create a softer edge.

Definitive Sockets

A definitive socket is manufactured following a successful test socket fitting. The definitive socket will be made of a thinner laminate opposed to the thicker plastic required for the test socket and will include any inner socket prescription.


BOA adjustable socket design allows targeted pressure and a multi-panel socket design. This targeted pressure allows improved socket fit and suspension for bulbous stumps or amputations at disarticulation level. The system allows faster donning/doffing and can be adjusted through clothes.

Activity Specific Limbs

Here at Dorset Ortho we can offer a vast range of activity specific prostheses. These specific prostheses may require a change in socket design; this could be varied socket trim lines that allow an increased range of motion around a joint or an enhanced level of suspension for a specific task and activity specific prosthetic components.

Cosmetic Finishes

Having a cosmetic finish to a socket or prosthesis is entirely an individual choice. We offer a range of realistic high definition cosmeses to suit everyone’s individuality. Once you have decided to have a cosmesis, we’ll organise a foaming appointment with our prosthetic technicians and high definition colour matching with our silicone team. Customised socket options are also available for those wishing to showcase their prostheses and we offer customised socket options.

Waterproof Limbs

There are a variety of fully waterproof prosthetic components (that are practical for submersion) and can be very simple in design or very sophisticated. Some have anti-slip components that will increase confidence while walking along the pool or getting out of the shower. This enables clients to use washing facilities away from home, making travelling safer and more comfortable.