Physio Facts - Getting Everyone Involved

Getting Everyone Involved

A lot of people are lucky enough to come to their residential rehab with someone else in toe, be it a friend, sibling, partner or carer. Don’t panic if you don’t have someone to come with you - it’s not compulsory and you’ll do great. But for those of you who would bring someone, it’s a great opportunity to make sure you keep the ball rolling once you leave the clinic.

Over the week they can stay in the sessions to watch, learn and even get involved if they want to. I can teach them the best ways to help with coaching and exercises as well as how to spot little bad habits and tips to nip them in the bud. When most people go away saying “Look up”, “Squeeze your bum” or “breath”, I feel like I’m making an army of physios that will take over the world!

It can often be a distressing time for the ‘other’ person too, as they watch a loved one go through so much trauma and adjusting to a new way of life. Often, coming to residential rehab lets them offload, talk about their worries and ask about solutions, as well as learning what’s normal and what to look out for. So, while the amputee gets on with a Compex session, their companion will be quizzing me and getting some weight off their chest.

My clients often tell me they feel guilty that their other half or sibling or child is having to do so much more around the house and take care of them too, so we talk about little ways they can lighten the load and become more independent again. It’s these small things that make our residential rehab so special.

A lot of our clients are going through legal cases too and we are more than happy for solicitors and case managers to come and visit to see what we do and understand the process. Our case managers often comment that when they come to see a client during rehab, they didn’t quite appreciate the improvements they make and that seeing that kind of progress makes their jobs that little bit more satisfying. It often makes case managers and solicitors even more passionate about getting their clients what they need. If the legal team or even your home rehab team, can’t come to the clinic, we can write a report on request, make a phone call or just send a simple email to keep everyone in the loop.

Once you leave the clinic, don’t think you’re leaving us behind. You know where we are and hopefully, by the end of a week, you know that we care. We’ll always be here for you. Email us, ring us, come visit us. Never feel like you’re on your own, because you’re not, and I can speak for everyone that works at the clinic, we genuinely want to help.

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