Complementary Assessment

Our services are designed to support your time critical reporting requirements, providing transparent costs and identifying all aspects of short-term rehabilitation and anticipated outcomes. At Dorset Orthopaedic, we firmly believe that effective inter-disciplinary rehabilitation should be identified as early as possible to enable the patient to begin their journey. We have experienced that the longer a patient waits for their treatment, the more difficult it becomes for them.

Dedicated points of contacts

Kim Walker for the Ringwood Clinic

Nicki Hodson-Walker for the Burton upon Trent Clinic

Cheryl Perrin for the Egham Clinic

Scott Richardson for the Amersham Clinic

Andrew Nobbs for the Manchester and Glasgow Clinics

How does it work?

Our expert clinicians carry out a 90-minute inter-disciplinary complimentary assessment. We will then provide a follow-up letter that includes a clear prosthetic/orthotic and rehabilitation treatment plan together with a detailed quotation, within 72 hours of the assessment. Time-frames are subject to clinician availability and may sometimes be exceeded.

Can Case Managers & Solicitors attend?

Case Managers or Solicitors are always welcome to attend appointments with their clients and we have dedicated points of contact to make the process as smooth as possible.

Where are these available?

Complimentary Assessments are available across our nationwide clinic locations:-

Ringwood Clinic - Hampshire

Egham Clinic - Surrey

Amersham Clinic - Buckinghamshire

Burton upon Trent Clinic - Staffordshire

Manchester Clinic - Lancashire

Glasgow Clinic - Scotland

We listen carefully to our clients and work hard to identify the most clinically appropriate solution to enable them to return, as closely and as comfortably as possible, to their pre-injury/incident level of activity or employment.