Tory joined Dorset Orthopaedic's ever growing Ringwood clinic in 2022.

Originally from Northern Ireland, Tory is an enthusiastic and positive individual who we are delighted to welcome to the team. After being recommended to try prosthetics, and just two hours into a work experience day, Tory decided this was the path he wanted to follow. He went on to study Prosthetics and Orthotics to a Master’s level at the University of Strathclyde.

After graduating, Tory worked for three years at Ottobock Ireland working as a prosthetist for upper and lower limb amputees, he then moved to Bristol to work in the NHS. Tory thrives when working with upper limb patients, he sees this as a problem-solving challenge, helping to find creative and innovative solutions for patients - whether that be learning a skill or starting a new hobby.

Torys favourite part of the job is seeing the difference he can make to other people’s lives, motivating and supporting them to walk and complete activities better than they could have imagined. Being passionate about providing a high level of prosthetic care, Torys enjoys utilising high-end equipment and emerging technologies with meticulous attention to detail to find the best possible solution for patients.

Tory is a sportsman who loves running, skiing and heading off on cycling expeditions and has most recently started getting into open water swimming. Recently, Tory took himself and his tent to the Italian and Swiss alps for six weeks on a “bikepacking” adventure. Finally, Tory describes himself as a big foodie, who enjoys trying new places for dinner and cooking with a glass of wine!