Anna joined Dorset Orthopaedic as a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in 2017 after a successful number of years working in the NHS. Originally from Surrey, Anna moved to Manchester with her family in 2012.

As a child, Anna sustained a serious injury to her arm after falling from a great height and endured months of intensive physio resulting in her retaining full functionality in her right arm. This experience, whilst distressing, inspired Anna to become a physiotherapist so she could help others; much like the way she had been helped.

Anna studied at the University of East Anglia and qualified in 2006. After several years working in the NHS, Anna joined the private world of prosthetic and orthotic rehabilitation in 2017 and recently become part of the Dorset Orthopaedic family.

During her time in the NHS, Anna gained valuable experience in specialist orthopaedics and worked with patients who had suffered major trauma. This intensified whilst working for Pace Rehab and provided a solid bank of hands-on experience which has helped her to provide the highest level of care for her patients.

Anna has a keen interest in treating patients suffering with chronic pain and strives to help them to manage their pain. “I find it all really interesting understanding how the brain works”, said Anna.

Outside of work, Anna loves spending time with her family and enjoys always being on the move whether going to the gym or being active as a family.