COVID-19 Statement

The clinical teams in Ringwood, Burton and Egham remain on hand and will continue to function in our COVID secure environments, whilst our behind the scenes teams will be on hand either from home or in the office and contactable as normal to keep all treatments on track where appropriate. By minimising staff on site this may at times affect our ability to be as agile and responsive so please bear with us as we try to safely remain open. We will also reintroduce more virtual and telephone appointments to reduce the need for non-essential travel.  

The safety of both our staff and our patients is of paramount importance to us. We are aware that transmission control measures only work if everyone follows and applies safe working practice, we would therefore ask you to follow and adhere to the guidance provided to make this possible. 

We look forward to continuing to support all our patients in the best way we can and wish you all well and to keep safe.

Please click here for more details on our Covid Protocols.


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