• Solent Ski Club

    Learn to Ski!
    Get ready for winter!! Solent Ski Club supports people with disabilities so they can enjoy skiing! The Solent Ski Club aims to help people w...

  • belinda-thumbnail

    Diamonds are a Girl’s Be...
    Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s photo-shoot, Belinda re-enacts the iconic pose wearing a crystal encrusted running bl...

  • Darren-bnps-credit1

    Genium X3 Tested to Extreme!
    Proud to be first clinic to fit the Genium X3 to a civilian patient, this revolutionary prosthesis is now used across the UK!  We recently ...


Who can we help?

People of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone is different. However, our clients have one desire, to live life without limits. So, whether you are private or NHS, whatever your age or situation, we can help.

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How can we help?

We can help you re-discover your personal freedom and live your life without limits. Our clinical teams are amongst the worlds finest and provide a bespoke service that is as individual as you are.

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