• Burton Clinic

    Burton Clinic 10 Months On!
    Since its opening 10 months ago our new purpose-built Burton Clinic is a hit with our clients and continues to grow! Our Burton Clinic reloc...

  • Katie Hague

    Specialised Cycling Prosthesis...
    Katie Haigh was recently fitted with a bespoke cycling prosthesis that clips directly onto her pedal – the first ever! Our client Katie, a...

  • Darren Pugh Kayaking

    Legs Get Wet!!
    We have recently fitted Darren Pugh with the first waterproof bionic leg – the Genium X3! Darren, aged 37, is the first UK civilian to...


Who can we help?

People of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone is different. However, our clients have one desire, to live life without limits. So, whether you are private or NHS, whatever your age or situation, we can help.

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How can we help?

We can help you re-discover your personal freedom and live your life without limits. Our clinical teams are amongst the worlds finest and provide a bespoke service that is as individual as you are.

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