Kevin Shaw works as a Prosthetist and Expert Witness at the Southern Clinic in Ringwood and has enjoyed 8 successful years with Dorset Ortho.

Kevin has worked in the field of clinical prosthetics since 1984 and after graduating from the University of Sussex with an engineering degree, Kevin obtained his first role as a trainee Prosthetist based at Roehampton. During this time, Kevin continued his studies, attending the University of Strathclyde, graduating with a degree in prosthetics and orthotics in 1988.

Kevin is passionate about delivering the highest possible standards of care and quality for his patients. He enjoys helping to improve the independence and quality of life of people who have suffered life changing injuries or illnesses. Kevin finds that every successful outcome for his patients drives his continued motivation for his role, particularly when a patient’s dedication sees them being able to return to being active and mobile.

Kevin has a keen interest in professional affairs and has served on a number of committees relating to the field of prosthetic rehabilitation.