Orthotics - Regain Support and Confidence

Our Orthotists focus on providing custom solutions to your functional needs. We draw on the breadth of products and components available and combine this with our knowledge of biomechanics and understanding of conditions, to arrive at an orthotic solution to individual problems and circumstances. Using a client centred approach, we put you at the heart of decision making when it comes to your orthotic device.

Dorset Orthopaedic has a highly specialised technical team, which manufacture bespoke carbon fibre and silicone orthoses in purpose designed facilities. Orthoses are made for both upper and lower limbs as well as head and spinal ailments and we are experienced in prescribing and fitting all types of traditional and complex orthotic solutions. 

Typical conditions treated are - MS, Stroke, CMT, CP, Polio Spinal injuries and Drop Foot . We offer a full range of solutions for ‘drop foot’  which include, SAFO, Rigid AFO’ s (plastic & carbon fibre) and FES.

Other products include
KAFO’S, C-brace, E-Mag, insoles, knee braces, spinal braces and Lycra garments.

We have a patient focused, whole body approach to Orthotics and treat all age groups.