Remote Ordering Service

Our Silicone mission is about providing a service that all amputees can benefit from. This includes providing lifelike solutions to replace what is missing from their body. We have developed our processes to simplify this and make it easy and straightforward to request these products via a Remote Ordering Service.

Local Clinicians

We now have a portfolio of over thirty silicone clinical partners around the world that we supply silicone products to on a regular basis via the Remote Ordering Service. The process centres on the local clinician to meet with their patient and obtain all of the relevant information required for Dorset Orthopaedic to manufacture the product in the UK.

The Appointment

The appointment consists of selecting appropriate skin tones from our easy-to-use colour swatches, completing the DOC Order Form with details such as measurements and photos alongside an alginate cast of the sound side, and a shell cast of the residual limb where appropriate.