Ruth has worked as a Prosthetist at Dorset Orthopaedic since June 2021, joining the team at the London Clinic in Egham. Ruth has always been a “maker”, graduating from Loughborough University with a degree in Fine Art sculpture before obtaining a role as a prosthetic technician at Roehampton in 2005.

This is where Ruth’s interest in Prosthetics began as she worked alongside her colleagues in clinic designing prosthetic solutions for clients.

Ruth continued her studies at the University of Salford and graduated with a degree in prosthetics and orthotics in 2010. Ruth spent 11 years working in an NHS setting, progressing as a clinician and striving to provide the highest level of care. Ruth has taken every opportunity to build on her knowledge and gain experience in many technical advancements.

Ruth has specialist experience in complex upper limb prosthetics, including Targeted Muscle Re-innervation (TMR), a surgical procedure designed to enable arm amputees to use their prosthesis intuitively. In addition, Ruth has over 10 years’ expertise in treating patients with bone anchored implants for both upper and lower limb loss. Working with both upper and lower limb clients; Ruth enjoys the challenges set by patients who have all levels of limb loss including hip disarticulation, congenital difference, children and high-definition silicon cosmetic solutions. Ruth is passionate about solving problems and helping patients achieve their goals. Ruth gains the most satisfaction from her role when patients master tasks with their new prostheses and return to clinic with a prosthesis that has had extensive use.