Beth has been with Dorset Orthopaedic since 2015 and loves the job satisfaction that her role as a Physiotherapist provides. Placing a strong emphasis on continued learning, Beth is currently working on her master’s degree in Neuromusculoskeletal Healthcare and enjoys applying the knowledge she gains both through academia as well as hands-on experience to help her patients succeed.

After graduating from Keele University in 2013, Beth started her career as an elite sports Physiotherapist, working with athletes at St George’s Park. She started doing amputee physio in 2015, finding the skills she had learned in elite sport to be highly transferable to the amputee population. Her experience was also well applied in the summer of 2017 when she spent a few weeks working at both the World Athletics and World Para Athletics Championships. Beth has also applied her skills at multiple Invictus Games and had the opportunity to treat a wide variety of different patients.

Beth’s favourite part of her role is watching the reactions of a patient, as well as their family, when they achieve a goal, such as taking their first steps in years or returning to a much loved hobby.

Beth’s most memorable experience of her career so far came when she was taking a patient for a walk around the woods. On this crisp autumn day they revealed that attempting this walk was something that they would never have tried by themselves, but now having achieved it, they felt liberated and free to get on with their life however they wished.