Remote Ordering

Our Silicone mission is about providing a service that all amputees can benefit from. This includes providing lifelike solutions to replace what is missing from their body. We have developed our processes to simplify this and make it easy and straightforward to request these products via a Remote Ordering Service.

We now have a portfolio of over thirty silicone partners around the world that we supply silicone products to on a regular basis via the Remote Ordering Service. The process centres on the local Clinician to meet with their patient and obtain all of the relevant information required for Dorset Orthopaedic to manufacture the product in the UK.

We will then ship the prosthetic silicone solution back to your clinic once it is complete. The appointment itself consists of colour matching the patient with our easy to use colour swatches, completing the Dorset Orthopaedic Work Booklet and taking detailed moulds of the patient’s sound side and residual limb.

Our Dorset technician’s and Clinic C0-Ordinators can be on hand to help guide you through the process if required; we have enhanced the process to offer simple solutions to make the appointment as user friendly as possible.

The Remote Ordering Service offers a great solution for international prosthetic clinics to be able to provide world renowned, lifelike prosthetic silicone solutions to your patients locally. 

To download the Remote Ordering Checklist click here.

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