Cosmetic Covers for Upper Limb Prostheses

Dorset Orthopaedic have built a world leading reputation for the highest quality silicone products available. Our upper limb silicone solutions offer bespoke designs for an array of amputation levels including:

  • Digits
  • Partial hands
  • Wrist disarticulation
  • Below elbow (Transradial)
  • Above elbow (Transhumeral)
  • Shoulder disarticulation

Our silicone products are provided through a network of international Clinical Partners and offer both a cosmetic and highly functional solution with both dress arms and myo-electric covers available.

Each product is custom-made, sculpted by hand to mirror the shape, size, skin tone and characteristics of the sound side (where appropriate). Details such as tattoos can also be added to enhance any product.

Worldwide recognition

All products can come in a variety of different levels of finish to suit all individual needs and budgets.

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