What is Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR)?

Targeted muscle reinnervation, or TMR for short, is a ground breaking treatment method used after an amputation of the upper arm or shoulder disarticulation. During the surgical procedure, nerves that were previously used to control the missing limbs are reconnected to the muscles of the residual limb, breast or back. During the healing process, the nerves grow back into the new muscles.

By reconnecting the nerves with muscles in alternate areas of the body makes it possible for the patient to control the arm prosthesis he or she will be fitted by “thought signal” and thus perform several movements simultaneously.

For the amputee, being fitted with a TMR prosthesis not only results in a much more intuitively controlled prosthesis, but also increases independence in daily life.


In order to get the most of the new prosthesis, the patient will embark on a course of intense coordinative and neuromuscular training. This training commences without the prosthesis and continues once it has been fitted.

The rehabilitation teaches the patient how the use the TMR prosthesis and supports the healing process using conventional post-operative measures. The reinnervation process is simultaneously facilitated by mental training, which promotes the patient’s ability to visualise the movement. The better the patient is prepared mentally, the faster and easier the subsequent signal training for the reinnervated muscles will be.

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