Transtibial and Transfemoral Silicone

Typically available as a one piece (for below knee) or two piece solution (for above knee), our silicone skins are made for use with a breadth of prosthetic components. Skins can be designed to accommodate any footwear. The water resistant properties of silicone make it perfect for use with water activity prostheses.

Our lower limb silicone cosmeses are available for all levels of amputation from below knee to above knee and hip disarticulation.

Our experienced and talented team can provide silicone solutions for a wide range of prosthetic devices built to accommodate many types of surgery, including Osseointegration & Van Nes Rotationplasty. We offer varying features and levels of cosmetic detail, catering for an array of requirements and budgets.

Whether you would like to swim with your cosmesis, go to the gym, look great for a special occasion or make a statement, the possible designs are endless. Each and every product is custom made, sculpted by hand to mirror the volume, skin and nail characteristics of your sound side or a foot of your choice.

Our aim is to give you an individual and unique silicone cosmesis specific to your needs, for more info please click here.

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