Lower Limb Silicone

Our lower limb silicone solutions are available for all levels of amputation, from partial feet and individual toes, to both below and above knee levels including through hip disarticulations.

Each product is custom-made, sculpted by hand to mirror the volume, skin tone and characteristics of the sound side.

Our silicone solutions are offered with a variety of finishes to suit any budget, which can even incorporate bespoke tattoo designs, skillfully applied by our in-house silicone technicians.

Partial Foot Options

We offer a wide range of products from toe filler slipper style solutions to high end custom sculpted and colour matched designs. We also offer our boot style product, the SAFoot, with integrated Velcro straps for patients with a higher level of amputation needing more support.

Transtibial and Transfemoral Options

We offer a range of silicone solutions from bespoke water activity limbs and adjustable everyday heel height options, to one part or discontinuous above knee designs, each providing greater function and cosmetic appearance for an entire collection of situations and needs.

Cosmetic Restoration Cover Options

A revolutionary custom-made, one-piece solution for those looking to restore the shape of their limb as a result of muscle atrophy or soft tissue degloving.