Breast Cosmesis or Cover

Launched in 2015, this new silicone solution is set to dramatically enhance the lives of clients who have undergone a mastectomy.

Completely bespoke, this cosmesis is designed to cover an existing breast form. Made from soft silicone with a soft compressible silicone nipple, each cosmesis is crafted to capture a client’s exact skin tones and characteristics.

As experts in silicone manufacturing, every cover is sculpted uniquely for each individual by our technicians trained in fine art. Our high-definition product gives the wearer confidence and allows her to enjoy normal, everyday activities with a positive body image and revitalised self-esteem.

Our silicone breast and/or nipple cosmeses are ideal for uneven breast development and are an alternative for those who either cannot have, or do not wish to have breast reconstruction following mastectomy.

Full or Partial Breast Cosmesis

Our full or partial breast cover can transform your shape, creating a natural appearance and boosting your confidence. Created from soft silicone gel, our custom designed breast covers fit comfortably and naturally to your body, making it possible to wear the bra of your choice. 

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