Upper Limb Prosthetics

Our talented clinicians are extensively trained in the fitting of all upper limb prostheses. From non functional cosmetic prostheses or body powered mechanical prostheses, right through to the most advanced myoelectrically-controlled and powered prostheses available, we have the right product to suit you.

We keep a close eye on technological advancements to ensure we are always able to advise the best available and most appropriate solution for you. We can also deliver all the associated rehabilitation, typically physiotherapy and occupational therapy, to ensure that the prosthesis enables you to achieve your full potential.

We specialise in the following areas of upper limb loss:

  • All levels of upper arm amputations
  • Digit loss and partial hand prostheses
  • Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR)
  • Prosthetic socket technology and Osseointegration
  • Body powered mechanical prosthetic arms
  • Advanced powered/Bionic prostheses
  • Function specific prostheses (e.g. cycling or DIY)

We offer a whole range of aesthetic finishes to a prosthesis from chrome and carbon fibre to custom-made, high definition silicone solutions.

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