Lower Limb Prosthetics

Our skilled clinicians are experienced and trained in the fitting of all lower limb prosthetics. This includes everything from the most advanced bionic and microprocessor-controlled prosthetic componentry through to much simpler, lightweight limbs. We have access to components from leading manufacturers and will always recommend the most appropriate product and treatment path to fit your needs.

We regularly see individuals for pre-amputation assessments where we can help with anything from increasing knowledge of what to expect from an amputation, through to putting in place post-surgical prosthetic plans. We have expertise in all levels of lower limb amputations and congenital absences including: Partial foot, Below knee, Through knee, Above knee, Through hip

We regularly treat individuals with multiple limb loss and have an appreciation for the added complications this brings to walking and mobilising independently. Every prosthetic limb we make is entirely bespoke to the needs of the user.

Participating in sport

Our expertise extends to the fitting of function specific sporting prostheses, optimised to achieve the greatest level of performance, from amateur to professional. These sporting solutions include everything from carbon blades to bespoke, flexible silicone solutions.

We offer a whole range of aesthetic finishes to a prosthesis from chrome and carbon fibre to custom-made, high definition silicone solutions.