For people living with leg weakness, either through stroke, partial paralysis resulting from spinal injury, or post-polio syndrome — the new C-Brace, offered exclusively at Dorset Orthopaedic, could be the perfect solution.

The C-Brace orthosis monitors a person’s steps at a rate of 50 times per second to create a natural walking movement. Walking slowly or quickly on a variety of terrain, the C-Brace gives the wearer a new sense of freedom with movement.

Smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the new C-Brace features more intuitive technology to provide wearers with confidence when walking, moving down stairs step over step and safeguards from trips and falls. It is easily adjustable, able to be worn under clothing, and can be adapted to suit a wearer’s activity level via a smartphone app.

With this technology, walking requires less physical exertion and the need for compensating movements is also reduced, thus improving overall posture and relieving pain and discomfort. To further support the wearer, a cockpit app is available to control the various modes and settings  is available for Apple or Android devices.

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