Bioness - Functional Electrical Stimulation

People who have suffered a stroke, or living with a brain injury, incomplete spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or other upper motor neurological conditions, may suffer with thigh weakness or foot drop which limits their ability to walk. The L100 Go single channel functional electrical stimulation (FES) system is designed to lift your foot as you walk, or the L300 Go dual channel FES system when used in combination with the thigh section can promote knee stability or knee flexion as well as foot lift. This solution can be of great value to the individual and supports them in everyday activities.

The Bioness systems stimulate the affected nerves and the muscles they control and can promote muscle rehabilitation. The cuff itself can be worn discreetly under clothing, and due to the 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer in the EPG, the leg cuff does not require a heel switch in the shoe or any wires. It also doesn’t require an extra battery or any control packs; and the battery can easily be charged on a daily basis.

Using an adaptive learning algorithm, the Bioness devices detect changes of direction, walking speeds, stairs, ramps and uneven terrains. The system can be put on quickly and easily with the electrodes attached to the inside of the cuff, removing the time consuming placement of the electrodes.  Once applied, the system is set up using a tablet connected via Bluetooth to set up the parameters.  Upon completion, the EPG on the cuff can be used to control the system or via an app on a phone.  The system can be used for walking or placed into an exercise mode.

During an assessment appointment a detailed history and examination would take place with one of our experienced orthotists.  The system would then be set up and trialed first when sitting, then in walking with all the parameters set. The Bioness device can be taken for a three-day home trial to test in your own home environment before deciding whether to go ahead with it.

If the Bioness device was unsuitable, our orthotists could advise you on different type of orthotic solution that would be of benefit. 

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