Rio Woolf is the first and youngest person to be fitted with the 1E93 junior running blade from Ottobock, in the UK.

Rio, who is attending the games later this year as a special guest of the Brazilian Paralympic Committee, will be showing off his new socket which has been designed to replicate the Paralympic torch.  

The new Ottobock blade will greatly improve Rio’s running technique, taking him one step closer to his dream of becoming Paralympian!

“This is the first time Rio will have a knee joint in his running leg, previously he wasn't big enough. This new blade will definitely give Rio a more natural stride, improve his symmetry of movement and reduce stresses and strains helping Rio run more comfortably and naturally.” says Matt Hughes, clinical development director and Rio's prosthetist. 

See Rio trying out his new blade at The Great Newham London Family 2km Run on 17 July in the Olympic Park where he will have the chance to run in the ‘blade steps’ of his Paralympic heroes and to be the first to run on the new track; the same type as the one being used in Rio. Rio will also run on the track before Mo Farah, Jonnie Peacock and the other Olympians and Paralympians who will be running on it at The Anniversary Games the following weekend.

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