Osseointegration Clinic

We are pleased to announce we are now offering a more formalised clinic with Norbert Kang and Alex Woollard on a regular basis. These clinics will be held at the Royal Free on a monthly basis the first being on the 7th June. 

The clinics will be for assessments, not only for Osseointegration, but also any clients who may require or be interested in TMR and revision surgery and will be carried out by a multi-disciplinary team including Norbert Kang and Alex Crick (surgical team) a psychologist, anaesthetist, and a prosthetist and physio from Dorset Orthopaedic. 

Each consultation will be approx. 45 minutes long and there will be an opportunity, on the day, for patients to have appropriate scans and x-rays. 

For more information please get hold of us.

UK Telephone: 0800 433 2239

Email: enquiries@dorset-ortho.com