Case Managers Training Day 2016

At Dorset Orthopaedic, we strive to ensure that Case Managers appointed to work with amputee or orthotic clients have access to the most relevant information and latest developments needed to best support their clients in returning to a ‘life without limits’.

All topics covered are based on requests and recommendations from Case Managers themselves. Where possible, we have our own patients presenting - who can offer a true users perspective and personal insights.

•  Advances in lower limb orthotics
•  Osseointegration
•  Positive effects of advanced rehabilitation
•  Functional silicone solutions
•  Tour of new facilities

"It was really useful to be aware of the new developments that are occurring and to gain a better understanding of these outside the media hype. Perform and the services offered was very interesting and this is great asset to facilitate rehabilitation for clients I work with both as a Case Manager and an Occupational Therapist" Rehab Jigsaw Limited.

"I have a clearer idea of how to manage my clients with amputation and what I can recommend for them; and I feel more confident in my awareness/knowledge of treatments/prostheses and so feel better able to support my clients" Proclaim Care.