What Keeps You Mobile

If you ask any amputee the question, “what keeps you mobile?” you will probably get many different answers. Some will say the type of foot they use is an important factor and as important as that may be, from my experience, it really comes down to the initial socket fit and comfort.

This is where the whole success of using your prosthesis starts and ends. Assuming that your residual limb has no issues you can explore what type of socket will work best for you, some use suspension others use suction and so on, I have explored all the options over the last 21 years and I find suction works the best for me. It is easy to don and doff and requires very little maintenance. I have tried different types of liners with different systems too, but again find it really comes back to a good fitting socket, which for me is the key to success and the answer for improved mobility.

If the socket fits well you will keep the limb on all day, which will encourage you to walk further and more often, and this in itself will improve your general health. The initial daily fluctuations in volume of the stump is an easily fixed by adding another sock. 

At Dorset Orthopaedic, they use the most up to date casting systems, which ensures you are getting a best-fit quality from the outset. If you are not sure about anything regarding your socket speak to one of the highly trained team at one of the available clinics up and down the country. #StriveForBetter