The Lock Down

Well it's been a long nine weeks in lock down and I hope everyone is as well as can be, considering the pandemic we are facing. For me it’s been the longest period off work in the last ten years combined, and even though we don't want this pandemic there has been a silver lining  for me and that's being able to spend so much time with my family and to enjoy the glorious weather we’ve been having.

However, saying all of that, there have also been some real worries for me. I have a large family, and my Daughter Emma, and my Daughter-in-Law Lucy, are both Critical Care Sisters in Gloucester Royal Hospital, in the Covid-19 wards, and I have seen first-hand how this Pandemic is effecting our community and how it’s been effecting my Daughters.

As a father, it’s been difficult to see them going to work in such circumstances, and not knowing if they are going to catch this disease or even worse, bring it home after a 12 hours shift, they both have very young children themselves. My Daughter lives at home with us and we have had to be very pro-active on minimising the risk of her bringing the virus home. She undresses at the front door and gets straight into the shower, her clothes are isolated into a wash bag and straight into the washing machine, and this is all done before she can hug her kids. Her husband then sanitises her car before it’s used again. It has not been an easy task to say the least, but we are managing and if we stick to the regime, we will all get through this safe and well.

We are now coming out the other end and some form of normalcy is returning. Overall, it has not been too bad, without families coming together and everyone doing their bit, it could have been a lot worse.

Thanks to everyone, hope you all stay well and I will see you all very soon.

Alex Patterson, AKA Captain Armless.