I will continue to challenge myself, and CMT on a daily basis

I was diagnosed with CMT from the age of 30 years old.  Over the past 20 years the degenerative disease continues to be a challenge as I have developed increased muscle wastage in my hands and lower limbs.  

I have always enjoyed being active and I am determined to continue to be as active as possible, as I do believe it is beneficial with a disease such as CMT.  

I have a selection of aids: 

I use Blue Rockers for my working environment and if I am walking any distance, on reasonably level terrain, these are supportive with my stance and walking gait 

Recently, I have invested in a pair of Turbo meds as I wanted to try see if I could have more flexibility while walking on uneven ground 

I have a pair of push-up wrap around braces which I use to cycle with on a pedal-assist bike. 

Most recently, I have trailed a new type of Sport Safo.  I am looking forward to trailing these in the water, I am proposing to go body-boarding in May 2018.  I am a strong swimmer but without othotics, I am very slow and unstable when moving from the changing room to the pool or when I attempt to enter the sea.  I am looking forward to giving Kim and the team feedback on the sport safo’s shortly with I trial them in the sea.  I do wear a thin sock and ankle support inside the SAFO. 

I find they enable flexibility when I work in the gym.  I use them on the treadmill, I do need to hold onto the sides for balance, however with the sport sSAFO’s flexibility I can walk quickly, for me, and can complete a small-stepping jog, they enable me to use the exercise bike, squats and due to the fact they give more flexibility, I can get onto the floor to and up again. 

I do acknowledge I have many different types of orthotic aids and they all enable me to continue with specific activities.    

I was told once that ‘I may have to compromise and just have one type of support and wear one pair of shoes’.  I challenged that statement, and questioned why.  I want to be as active and as mobile as I possibly can and I will continue to challenge myself, and CMT on a daily basis 

I want to Thank, Kim and the team offer for their excellent service and level of care.