Keeping everything in balance

Hi everyone,  

As you may know, I am an ambassador for Dorset Orthopaedic, I enjoy a challenge and I’m known as Disco2man on social media.  

These recent times have certainly proven a challenge for many of us and it’s important for us to do what we can to keep our spirits up.  

I have been keeping myself busy doing daily walks of minimum 5 miles in preparation for ‘Challenge America’, working on my routes and various bits and pieces in between. I have also been trying to keep to my normal daily diet as its important not to get into comfort eating. We all know what happens when we do! We gain some extra pounds, which could cause issues for us amputees in relation to socket comfort.  

For me it’s about keeping everything in balance and hoping that we can soon get back to our normal routine and busy lives. Keep active and stay safe please follow the guidelines and stay healthy.  

Best wishes
Mark Pattenden