Josephine Bridges - The importance of a good fitting socket

When I first started my journey as an amputee I never knew how important socket comfort would be. I assumed the most important part would be the knee or maybe ankle joint however when I began learning to walk I realised that neither matter if the socket isn't comfortable. 

At Dorset Orthopaedics socket comfort always feels like the main focus and it should be. Ultimately, if your socket isn't comfortable it isn't possible to enjoy or even use the amazing prosthetic mechanisms available. 

I learned, early on, to be honest about socket comfort and work hand-in-hand with my prosthetist to ensure that my socket didn't just have best fit but also matched me, the way I lived, my gait and so on. Over time I've become more aware of my socket and learnt to pay attention to what I need from it, from the shape in a pair of jeans to the comfort when I sit. 

My prosthetist always listened ardently, shared their expertise, and asked all the right questions to ensure I could walk out with a smile on my face and with full confidence in my prosthetic. I am an active woman and part of my main motivation for self-funding for a microprocessor prosthesis was to be able to continue with the outdoor activities I enjoy, however much like a great pair of hiking boots, it’s nothing without a good fit.  

Since getting my leg I have not only continued to enjoy the activities I love but also picked up new ones and I couldn't be happier with my prosthesis.