Jeremy Prior Fitted with the Kenevo Knee

“I was about ½ a mile from home, travelling in a 30mph zone, when an elderly man driving in the opposite direction, lost consciousness and swerved into my lane.” Jeremy was struck on his right side and thrown 30 feet clear of his motorbike. He was airlifted to hospital and woke up one month later. “My right leg was amputated below the knee and later above the knee. My pelvis was shattered, my right wrist was broken in four places and I lost the top half of my middle finger on my right hand.”

Jeremy left hospital 20 weeks later and joined the amputee clinic and support group at his local hospital. He was fitted with an inflatable leg which got him used to standing up and, with perseverance, took his first small steps as an amputee. Jeremy was soon able to be fitted with his first prosthetic socket. “It was a rather crude limb with a lever to release the knee.” As time passed and Jeremy became mobile, something became rather apparent. “I got to a point in my walking (with my NHS limb)when I realised that I would not be able to get any more fluent with my walking unless I got something (a prosthesis) more substantial that what the NHS was able to provide me – that’s when I came to Dorset Orthopaedic”.

At Dorset Orthopaedic, Jeremy was fitted with the Kenevo from Ottobock – a revolutionary prosthesis that focuses clearly on safety and building trust step by step. The knee joint is the world's first solution designed specifically for the needs of less active people. With its special basic functions, it provides support in typical everyday situations. Moreover, the activity modes provide high adaptability, allowing the Kenevo to grow with your skills and adapt itself equally well for decreasing amounts of mobility.

“At my age, I’m not going climbing mountains, I just want be able to walk around and not spend all my time in my wheelchair. The Kenevo is proving to be great at home. Compared to my previous leg, it really is safe. It's given me confidence…it really works.”