Hannah learns how to crochet

My days usually start with a swim or a trip to the gym for training and can be really busy from that point on, but at the minute things are obviously very different. I’m very lucky that I am able to do a lot of my training at home, but I still have time on my hands and have been trying to find new projects to do. 

I have actually been thinking about a new hobby outside of triathlon and my university work for a while now, something where I could spend time relaxing but I have never really found anything. Most people know that I am not the best at sitting still. I was online before Christmas looking at things I could try, and I saw something about crochet. I bought a kit online and had a go but I just never really found the time to properly sit down and learn how to do it. Until the lockdown began!

After watching lots of video tutorials on YouTube, I managed to teach myself how to crochet and I am really enjoying it! I have been trying to do a little bit each day and find it very relaxing. Things are tough for everyone right now because the situation is so far removed from our ‘normal’ but learning a new skill and finding something I can enjoy has helped me during this time.

Now 4 weeks into the lockdown, I have made a lion, a unicorn and most recently a monkey. I am planning on a crocheting a few more things in the coming weeks and am sure I will be enjoying this hobby long after the lockdown is over.   

Hannah Moore