Comfortable Socket, Comfortable Movement

As an amputee, socket comfort is very important regardless of the surgical level, I am a transtibial amputee using the ottobock pin-lock system with Boa and releasing ankle, which works well for me. 

I have found that working closely with your prosthetic centre, the workshop team and more importantly, your prosthetist ensures that both the socket and prosthetic limb meet your needs and can perform how you need them to. 

Having a test socket helps iron out any niggles, as well as selecting the right liner, or socks, as the thickness is important for volume changes.  

Over the last 3.5 years as an amputee, I know the perfect comfort level has been achieved and that the socket fits correctly, when you put on your prosthetic and you hardly notice it’s on.  

In truth, having a comfortable socket means comfortable movement and a happy amputee.