Alex Paterson's words of encouragement

Hi everyone its Alex Paterson AKA Captain Armless, one of Dorset Orthopaedic Ambassador’s.

Some of you may be feeling anxious or worried during this time, so I wanted to share how I am doing in the hope that it would encourage you in some way. As you may be aware I am an upper left arm Amputee, using Osseo and TMR to control my arm and I still ride a full on Super Bike. However, as it’s classed as not essential use and gathering dust in the garage, I thought the next best thing was to get back on a push bike, can you believe it’s been 30 years since I last rode one!

So I got an old prosthetic hand, re-engineered it and connected it to my normal motorcycle arm and Osseo pin, changed and adapted the brakes etc. and after a few minutes, I was away. 

The funny thing is it was great! I really enjoyed riding again, my fitness levels are increasing, and it gets me out of the house. The thing is if Covid 19 had not hit the world, I don’t think I would have ridden my push bike again, I hope you are all finding something ‘new’ to do and keeping positive, safe and well.

Alex Paterson