Dorset Orthopaedic are delighted to be able to offer the Taska Hand as part of it upper limb prosthetic provision.

The Taska Hand was created to do one thing; to be the most useful it can be for those who wear it. It enables patients to do more of the little things we all take for granted like peeling potatoes , clicking a computer mouse , doing the laundry and washing the car to name but a few. Its advanced, robust and waterproof features provides new possibilities and exciting opportunities for upper limb amputees.

Key features

  • Water-resistant technology
  • High level of impact protection.
  • Flexible palm, independent finger speed and high rotating thumb speed
  • Pick up more objects with precision
  • Lateral finger movements and strong lateral thumb grip take confident gripping even further
  • Integrated wrist with rotation and flexion, for a more natural arm length and movement.
  • Flexible Control System with access buttons and LED indicators on the top of the hand. 
  • A vibration tested design with cushioning into the thumb and the wrist, allowing comfortable use of a drill, lawnmower and other tools. 
  • Light to “Heavy” duty use in one robust hand. 
  • TASKA™ has 23 different grips allowing for a wide variety of activities but is designed to do most daily tasks with just 3.

To find out more or to pre-book an assessment for when we all get back to work, please email enquiries@dorset-ortho.com or call 0800 433 2239