Behind the scenes with Open Bionics and Tilly Lockey

Here at Dorset Orthopaedic we are very excited to share the news that young amputee Tilly Lockey was featured on ITV’s This Time Next Year with Davina McCall… and the programme featured a surprise appearance from our very own Moose Baxter!

Back in 2017 the team at Open Bionics, a robotics company specialising in creating prosthetic limbs, contacted Dorset Orthopaedic about an exciting new project. They asked if prosthetists from our Midlands Clinic would be interested in fitting 12 year old Tilly with a custom-made Hero Arm. Tilly had her hands amputated when she was only a year old due to meningococcal septicaemia strain B and since then she and her family have been dedicated to working with prosthetic companies, fundraising and raising awareness of meningitis.

When she joined Davina McCall on the ITV show a year ago, Tilly told the audience that in just 12 months’ time she would have a new set of prosthetic hands. As Tilly began to trial the prosthetic hands, Dorset Orthopaedic clinicians Moose Baxter and James Buckett cast Tilly’s arms and provided a set of test sockets to her, making sure that they would be comfortable for her to wear. From there, Moose travelled to the Open Bionics HQ in Bristol to fit her with her final Hero Arm which was made using their 3D printing system.

Midlands Clinic Manager Moose Baxter said: “We’re incredibly proud to see the progress that Tilly has made over this year. The process of working with Open Bionics has been a great example of collaboration in prosthetics and we’re looking forward to welcoming future patients who are interested the variety of prostheses that we can offer. Most of all, we hope that innovations like this will improve the lives of people who are living with limb loss or limb difference.”

The Hero Arm is a powered bionic hand controlled by a person’s muscles. It is made bespoke for each individual person and is now available for people in the UK with below elbow upper-limb differences, aged eight and above.

“People interested in how we can work with Open Bionics products can contact us directly at Dorset Orthopaedic to learn more. Like with Tilly, we can support our clients with casting, fitting and training in how to use the Hero Arm or other prosthesis, all taking place in one of our UK clinics,” adds Moose. 

Missed the programme? Catch up now on ITV Player.