Transtibial Exercise Level 2

Once you have the basics we like to start adding exercises that are slightly more complex. Most of the Level 1 exercises allow you to focus on just one element of your body, they are designed to give you a strong foundation. When we level up we intend to test that foundation by adding mobility and the ability to disassociate one area of your body with another. This is fundamental to good gait, as we need to be able to extend our hips without arching our back, or swing our arms without losing balance.

The idea for most the exercises shown are that you keep good core control. This doesn’t mean pushing your stomach, using all the force you have and bracing, quite the opposite. Good core control requires you to pull your tummy tight, almost pulling it in, not only from the front but from your pelvic floor and diaphragm too. It’s the ability to hold this strength lightly and still be able to move and breath.

When walking we focus on improving hip extension by making your steps bigger whilst keeping your hip bones pointing forwards and without letting your back arch. If you stand in a lunge position, are your hips level, or is the side with the back leg rotated back? Push that hip forward so that your hip bones are level and pointing forward, can you feel it in your thigh or have you noticed your back arching and your chest pushing forward? If so these exercises will help you with that. But remember all exercises can be done badly, you need to focus on good technique and slow everything down.

To view the work sheet for Level 2 click here.