Transtibial Exercise Level 1

We are planning on putting out a series of exercise plan ideas. We will be doing a transtibial and a transfemoral set of programmes, Levels 1 to 3. These programmes are intended as an example of the kind of thing we give out after the intensive rehab weeks for our patients to do at home. We tailor each and every exercise programme to that specific persons areas of weakness to improve upon and develop specific skills, musculature and mobility.

If you wish to have a bespoke programme then ordinarily we would ask that you come into clinic for assessment. During the COVID-19 pandemic this is just not safe, so either, with care and only if you are physically fit enough, please feel free to try out the example programmes, or contact us and we’ll sort out a virtual assessment and email over your own exercise plan. The software we use also shows you videos of the exercises and you can even download an exercise tracker app to go with it. You can also video yourself and we can coach you through what you’re doing.

The levels aren’t so much related to time as an amputee but more towards you’re athletic ability, how mobile you are and how strong your muscles are. If you have much less muscle bulk on the residual limbs thigh than the other, if you can’t get your knee to go as straight or as bent as the sound side, you use a walking aid or struggle with walking, lose your balance often or even just want to start easy then Level 1 is for you.

To view the work sheet for Level 1 click here.