Transfemoral Exercises Level 2

Once the Level 1 plan begins to feel too easy, you can start to progress to the exercises in Level 2. Level 2 begins to add resistance and increased mobility to further build on the strength you have started to gain from Level 1.

Level 2 exercises use more resistance, whether that be moving against gravity, theraband or using a weight. Working against resistance uses an increased force from the muscle to achieve the desired movement and therefore further strengthens the muscle fibres. Whilst adding resistance to training can be very effective, it is important to only do so when your muscles are ready. So if the Level 1 exercises still feel like you are working hard – stick with them for a bit longer. It is also important to not push your muscles too much. Gradually build up the resistance you use, start with the lowest and as that begins to feel too easy, increase it slightly.

Level 2 is also where we begin to load more. Whereas in Level 1 most of the exercises are in a lying down position, Level 2 require you to be stood up. This means you are putting weight through your remaining leg and your prosthesis which not only helps to strengthen your lower limbs, but also helps to work on your balance and proprioception whilst completing your exercises. 

To view the work sheet for Level 2 click here.