Transfemoral Exercise Level 1

Above knee amputees really need to focus on maximising strength around the pelvis and core as they have lost the control that comes from the knee joint. The stronger these muscles are, the easier it will be to control the knee bend when walking in a prosthesis and the more effective and efficient your swing phase and floor clearance will be. The more core control you have the better, as this will help with balance while you are walking or even stood still, therefore reducing the likelihood of falls.

At Dorset Orthopaedic we see a lot of transfemoral amputees with tight muscles at the front of their hips and weakness in their glutes which can make walking much more difficult and requires a lot more energy. These exercises aim to strengthen the bulky muscles in your bottom to help correct the alignment of your hips, making it easier to achieve hip extension and the knee bend during gait.

The level 1 exercises are perfect for you if you struggle to push your leg or stump back behind you, if you feel your hips drop out to the side when you put your weight through your leg or just want to start at the bottom and work your way up!

To view the work sheet for Level 1 click here.